Managing Public Holidays and Other Leave for employees with irregular work patterns.

​With this week being the last pay period with a Public Holiday for a while, we wanted to release a new feature we have been working on. One area where paying Public Holidays and Other Leave such as Sick can be a challenge is with employees who don’t have a regular work pattern which makes it hard to know if it is an “Otherwise Working Day” and if it is, how many hours should be paid?  To make paying this leave easier for this type of employee we have added a new feature in the Time & Income Screen.
​Now whenever you are paying Public holidays, Sick Leave, Alternative Leave etc. a small “i” button will appear next to the Default Hours field in the Time & Income screen. By default, the payroll will pick up the Default Hours set up for the employee. If they don’t have Default hours, the field will be blank.
When you click on this “i” button you will see a new Hours for a Paid Day Off popup screen. This screen will allow you to choose how you wish to pay the employee if you don’t wish to pay the default hours or you are unsure how many hours they normally work on the day of the week.

  • Option One –     Default Hours. This is based on the Default Hours loaded for that day in the employee masterfile. If this is their normal rostered day then use this option.
  • Option Two-      Daily Hours Converted from the Daily Pay. This is based on the average daily rate for the employee divided by their Default Rate. This could be used when you have employees who receive lots of allowances which would be deemed to be part of their “Normal Pay” for that day.
  • Option Three-    Average Hours Worked from Last.  This is the one you would use if you have staff with variable work patterns. What is does is look back at the last 4 -10wks to work out how many times the employee has worked on this specific day of the week in that range and divides the total hours worked (including leave hours paid) by the number of times they worked that particular day of the week. You can determine how many weeks you wish to look back and also you can choose to use the number of weeks they actually worked that day as your divider or the number of weeks you are looking back.

Once you have determined which method you wish to use you simply click on the button on the left
which will then populate the “Hours you want to pay” field at the top. Click Apply and the system will
take you back to the Time and Income screen and the appropriate fields will be populated.
Note: This method is not the sole method for determining if a day is an “Otherwise Working Day”. If
it is a day they are normally rostered then it is an” Otherwise Working Day”. We suggest if you are
unsure you check out the site and their “Otherwise working day” calculator – (Click Here!).