Minimum Wage Top Up for Farm and Horticulture Workers 

 Recently there has been coverage in the media regarding worker in the farming, horticulture and viticulture sectors not being paid the Minimum Wage. This can happen especially with farm worker where they have a “Salary” for a set number of hour but end up working higher hours with being paid more. When this happens their effective hourly rate can drop below the minimum wage.

Recently we added an option to address this situation which will automatically ”top up” the salary to ensure the minimum wage is paid. Read how to set this here…

Changes are afoot with our Crystal HR Module


​As more and more of you are starting to take advantage of the FREE access to our Human Resource Module we are starting to take steps to further enhance this value tool.  The first stage is to move the HR Module to the main Employee Setting menu which means you can now give manager access without them being to access other “pay” related areas of your payroll.

The next stage will be to further enhance the functionality and reporting.
If you haven’t look at what the HR Module has to offer why not have a look next time you access your payroll as you can track and manage (with pop up reminders) all of this key employee information in one place:- Work Permits, Contract Reviews, Performance Reviews, Future Development and Training.

Crystal Manager – An Update for managers with unreliable staff

​Our Crystal Manager – Timesheet add-on is designed for employees to enter Timesheets and Leave applications. These are then approved by a manager before being pushed into the payroll. While this is the normal scenario there are situations where an employee forgets or where the manager or another admin person wants to enter the timesheets remotely.
To make this second scenario easier we have added the ability for the manager to upload and edit an employee or group of employees default hours from their masterfile.  This speeds up the process and allows the easy capture of employees hours to be manager anywhere and thus speeding up the processing of the payrun.

Note: If you would like to learn more about Crystal Manager and how it can improve your payroll processing just email