Making Life Easier: Adding Notes during a Pay-run

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System Update: With the introduction of a ‘Notes for Pay-run’ button that now appears near the bottom right corner of the Time & Income screen when processing a pay, adding a note to an employee’s payslips or notes Masterfile during a Pay-run is a breeze! You can even add Companywide notes through this option.

The previous five click process that required leaving the “Process A Pay >> Time and Income” screen has been simplified to a Pop-up window will allow you to add a note right where you are.

This simple yet powerful feature will not only save you time it will also mean you have recorded the note when you think of it rather than leaving the screen or doing it later. Great for notifying an employee of something important (they always read their payslips) or just for recording why you did or didn’t pay an employee a particular item.

Simply select the ‘Notes for Pay-run’ button, enter your Note Subject and the Note detail and then if this is to appear on the employees Payslip tick the box. If you leave this box unticked then the note will be added to the employee’s Notes Masterfile.