Making Life Easier:  Viewing payslips on a mobile device

Today we can use our mobile devices to access & find whatever our hearts desire.  Payslips and leave reports should be no exception and with our latest update we’ve made it even EASIER for your employees to find everything they need, at their fingertips. 
Since the number of employees who access their payroll information online using our Employee Portal is continuing to increase, we are constantly looking at ways we can improve their experience. This month we have made an enhancement to our how employees view their payslips and other reports on smaller mobile devices

We became aware that the singular option to “Print” your payslip or report didn’t always work on some mobile devices such a phones. The solution? Now your employees will see a “View Report” button when accessing any report on a phone which will make it much easier for them to check payslips, leave balances and other payroll history. Here is the 3 step process:


Step 1: From you device, login with your Employee details and click Show Main Menu. Then follow this pathway: 
Report/Inquiry > Earnings/Decuction > Employee Payslip.


Step 2: Select the Pay Period or Period End Date of the Payslip you would like to view. Select the View Report or Print button at the bottom of the screen.


Step 3: Your Payslip will display on screen with a number of options to resize, export, print etc.

Share this blog post with all your Employees and give them something to play with this weekend! If your employees are not currently using our Employee Portal you can find out how to set it up