Once again the 31st of March End-Of-Financial-Year is rolling around. And that usually means changes to legislation that may affect your payroll processing.

There have been a few clarifications from the IRD in relation to allowances and benefits, however these are quite minor and do not impact on the actual processing of payroll. Get a bit more detail here…   And there is also an extension to the period of time available for Paid Parental Leave, plus the ‘Mondayising’ of Public Holidays.

Yet, outside of these things only two changes actually require an update of your Crystal Payroll system which, of course, we will handle for you (behind the scenes) at no extra cost.

First there is a small change to the maximum ACC Threshold levels, which only affects employees earning over $118,000, where the threshold has risen and a slightly lower net pay will result. That will be taken care of in time for 01 April, so anyone affected will automatically be paid correctly.


And at the other end of the scale the government made a late announcement of another $0.50 change to the Adult Minimum Wage – rising from $14.25 to $14.75 – which will take effect also on 01 April 2015. 

As we have before we will ensure your prior history is preserved by automatically adding a new Pay Rate record for each employee as required – and we will continue to alert all users of a possible oversight when an hourly wage of less than $14.75 is used.

Any questions, just call our Support Team on 09-480-0123 for clarification.