For quite some time we’ve been suggesting to our customers that they move away from Internet Explorer and try one of the newer, more functional and faster browsers – as we’d noticed that good old IE just wasn’t keeping up with the technology changes to website delivery – and slowly but surely our customers have listened and made the change.
Now, finally, Microsoft have taken notice of all the derision of their once market-dominant browser and will soon be retiring it. With only 20% of the market using IE (around 50% today use Google Chrome) they are going to start fresh and try to create a new browser, with a new name and new branding that will try and recapture for them the internet browser position they have lost.

So we say, well done Microsoft, and thanks for all the fond memories. In a few more years we’ll all be able to say ‘I remember Internet Explorer’ in the same way we fondly remember cassette tapes, floppy disks and PC-based software. Farewell Internet Explorer.