We value the ongoing support of all our Crystal Payroll clients so much! So celebrating 
our 10th Anniversary is the perfect opportunity to say Thank You with a gift for everyone!

But first…

As our October newsletter promised, we have selected one lucky client who joined us in each of our ten years in business.

The ten winners are:

  1. Ross Millar Swim School Ltd, Auckland
  2. Feilding Health Care, Fielding
  3. Flight Interiors Ltd, Auckland
  4. Benefitz DMA Limited, Aucland 
  5. Ponting Fitzgerald Architecture Ltd, Auckland
  6. YOSS, Palmerston North
  7. Canterbury Accountants & Taxation Specialists Ltd, Christchurch
  8. Andreas Florist Ltd, Christchurch
  9. Kiwi Print, Auckland
  10. Hibiscus Coast Medical Centre, Auckland

Congratulations winners! We’re pleased to acknowledge your ongoing business and loyalty with a special gift for your team to enjoy!  :) Please email us the best address to send your treats too!

Don’t see your name here? 

Don’t worry, every Crystal Payroll client is a winner this month with our latest……

New Release: Crystal Payroll’s HR Management Module, Stage 1

Normally “add-on” modules such as this would incur an additional cost of between $100 and $500 per year.

​But in this case we would like to reward your loyalty to Crystal Payroll by making our new Human Resource Management module available:


This new release has been developed as part of our ongoing drive to provide you with the best payroll and employee management tools in the market.
Stage One of this new simple module will allow you to record key, non-payroll employee data such as:

  • Work Permit Management – Track Employee Work Permits and Expiry Dates with Pop-Up reminders
  • Contract Review Management -  Track Employee Reviews and Due Dates with Pop-Up reminders
  • Performance Management – Track Staff Performance Reviews with Pop-Up reminders
  • Future Development – Training and Staff Development Planning with Pop-Up reminders
  • Learning and Training – Training and Skills History

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Over the next few months we will continue to enhance this new module including adding employee access to the data, reporting and tracking additional data.
We have created a series of help files which will take you through how to use each of the modules. If you would like to make use of this free gift, see How to enable the Human Resource Management Module/s.
So why would you use the Crystal Payroll HR Management Functionality?
Many companies still manage their “non-payroll” employee information in a haphazard system of spreadsheets, documents and post-it notes. So what exactly are the benefits of storing this key information in one place, linked directly to your payroll and how can our new Human Resource Data module help manage your employees?
Efficiency of Administration
If you’ve got more than a few people working for you it can become an administrative nightmare keeping track of basic employee information if you rely solely on a paper-based system. Simple questions such as ‘When does Fred’s 90-day period expire” “When is John due to attend the Forklift course and what will it cost us?” “When does Mary’s Work Permit Expire” etc. become extremely time consuming.

Access to Information
If you rely on spreadsheets and documents to keep track of employee data you end up creating silos of information. Obviously you need to take into account the sensitivity and security of the data you hold, but by making it accessible to the right people through a central system you are allowing more people to make good use of the data you hold.

Data Analysis and Informed Decisions
Collecting data opens up analytical opportunities that will assist you in making informed decisions. If you collect the data, you can interrogate it and use that analysis to inform your decisions. The effort required in getting the same insight using a paper-based system simply makes this type of analysis unfeasible.

Improved Communication
Having a system which will remind you or line managers about key dates will provide better communication and will ensure important events are not missed. You will also have key data stored in one place. If all this information is stored in a filing cabinet, it slows down communication massively.

Risk Mitigation
In the event of a legal dispute how can you prove that an employee was made aware of a particular policy or trained on how to use a particular piece of equipment?

Security and Disaster Recovery
If you keep all your employee information in a filing cabinet how secure is that? Who has access to it? How would you know if someone has tried to access it? Security of your data is one thing but what happens if there’s a fire or a flood and you can’t access the offices for a while? Having your Human Resource and Payroll data stored in the cloud means you will have access to it at any time on any internet connected device.

We hope this new release will Make Life Easier for you as we endeavor to continue delivering Peace of Mind for you and your people!