Making Life Easier: Logging in to Payroll while on the run!

If you have ever used your mobile or tablet to login to your payroll you’ll know that our website looked a little strange on a smaller screen. (Exhibit A) The text and buttons were too small and pinching or zooming in didn’t really work. 

Hence it is with great excitement that we reveal our gorgeous new mobile responsive website that will make navigation in general a breeze! (Exhibit B/C)

For most of our customers/blog readers the main impact will be felt the next time you go to login to your Crystal Payroll account. Whether it be from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone, things will look a bit different and hopefully you’ll agree, more beautiful. On your desktop, the bright blue LOGIN button is still in the top right corner of the home page. In addition it can now be found at the top of every other page of the site, be it this Blog Post or our Contact Us page.

However if you are visiting our site from a smaller screen, you’ll now only see our logo and a mobile Menu at the top of each page. To LOGIN or navigate around the site, click on the three white lines in the top right corner to see the Menu drop down. Use the blue down arrows to the right of each Menu item to see clickable options.

We feel this change to a mobile responsive site enhances the ease of process which our customers go through daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly when accessing their account. We hope you enjoy it. 

A few things worth mentioning:

  • We have enabled a Pop-up that will display the first time a device loads the new home page of our website. It should not keep appearing each time you visit the home page, unless you clear your cache. The pop-up will then re-appear the subsequent time you visit our home page.
    The pop-up message will be removed permanently in the next few weeks and should cause little disturbance to your use of Crystal Payroll.
  • If the pop-up message has displayed on your mobile device while you have your browser settings switched to Private/Incognito, you may not be able to dismiss it. Please turn off Private/Incognito and refresh the website.
  • If any part of the website appears to have loaded incompletely on your desktop, please press F5 or ‘Refresh’.
  • Using a mobile device: to see options for selection in the menu, please tap the BLUE DOWN ARROW to the right of each Heading.