Take a walk with us down Memory Lane as we take a nostalgic moment to celebrate progress in the world of the cloud.

A year of changes, some you will have noticed, and many you won’t have.  That was intentional.
Not everyone likes change, so we are careful to make subtle changes. We have a goal to provide you with best payroll solution on the market and the beauty of the changes we make is even if you don’t need the new feature today, tomorrow when you do need it, it is there. 

Releasing a major update as we did 12 months ago was a big step, but it has been worth it. While some enhancements may seem minor, our goal is to incrementally enhance your Crystal Payroll, thereby improving the user experience without impacting day to day operation of the system. 

Compared to our original system, here are some of the enhancements we have made:

  • Look and Feel – the screen layout and menu structures are much more intuitive, making the payroll not only easier to use but more importantly easier to learn.
  • The new version has seen a major reduction in support.
  • Mobile Responsive – The screen layout will dynamically change to suit any screen size or format, from large monitor to smartphone or tablet.
  • We added the Approve All Button  - when most of your employees pay does not change from pay period to pay period this is a major saving in time as you are not forced to approve each employee individually. 
  • Leave period’s button – This time saving function allows you to enter Leave to Be Taken at a future point in time and when that period comes around the leave is automatically entered into the pay for that period. 
  • Sort order for employee list - Not everyone wants to refer to their employees by a number or surname so you can choose the order in which your employees appear in staff lists.
  • Job Pay Rates Button for employees rather than global rates – Where you have employees who are paid different rates depending in the job they are doing.
  • New Employee Wizard – If you are not regularly adding new employees it is easy to miss a detail in the process so we adding this useful function which steps you through the key data you need to enter in order to start paying an employee.
  • Employee Detail is all in one screen – Unlike many system (including our original version) you will find all your employee data in one place and not have to go from tab/screen to screen looking for it.
  • Common Tasks are grouped together under one menu i.e. Process Pay – Like the Employees details screen this means you are not looking around for different options. Everything is in one place.
  • Everything is easily accessible from where you are i.e. Help and Support Tickets – You don’t need to leave the screen you are in to access our help file or to contact support.
  • We’ve added many more integrations – One of the key ways to improve the speed and accuracy of payroll processing is to capture and import data from systems such as Time & Attendance systems, POS, Job Costing systems etc. Also being able to export pay data to your preferred Accounting system will save time at month end.  Over the past year we have added many new integrations for both importing and exporting data.
  • Reporting – One of the key functions of any good payroll is the ability to get data out in the form of reports. With our extensive range of reports and the fact we keep full history for every employee this is easy. All reports are grouped under logical menus and having the ability to export report data to XL etc. means you can use the information more extensively to do detailed analysis. 

Have you had a favourite enhancement? Or is there a practical feature you are dying to see introduced in the near future?
We would love to hear your feedback and as positive reinforcement all participants will go into the draw to win one of five:

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