Making Life Easier: New ‘Future Leave Analysis’ Report

If you employ a number of staff it can be tough to keep on top of leave requests. That’s why our latest System Update has been designed to give you a snapshot of all the information you need with a few clicks of your mouse.

To see what leave has been entered for future periods go to the Reports Menu – Company Analysis and select Future Leave Analysis.

In the reports options screen you can select the level of detail you are looking for as follows:

For up to: Using this drop down menu you can choose to report on all future periods or up to and including any number of months.

Leave Type:  Use this drop down menu to select the All or a specific Leave Type

Employee: Use this drop down menu to select All or a specific Employee

Group by:  Use this option to determine how the data will be grouped on the report ie:

  • Date:  This will give you a list of future leave in date order based on the first date in the leave period.
  • Leave Type: This will give you a list sorted and grouped by leave type and then in date order by type.
  • Employee: This will sort and group the data by Employee, then grouped by Type and date

​As is the case with all reports in Crystal Payroll you can Print, Email or Export this report.

For step-by-step notes on how to enter and manage future leave requests, see our Support Page.